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For the past years i have low confidence to smile and even to talk because of my ugly teeth. But after i met Dr. Sharon Lee, she did my braces, at first i thought its very impossible that my teeth will be okay again in span of 1 year. But in 3 months time only i saw already the difference. Less than a year my braces removed and now i just wearing the retainer. I am very happy with the outcome. Now i am confident again to wear a smile everyday. Thank you to our beautiful Dr.Sharon Lee for being so nice and professional. See you again soon! Highly recommended!
Pauline Destura - Boco
Being able to smile heartily before my pals, colleagues and camera was one of the most far-fetched thing in life; but now… not anymore. Dr Sharon, I want you to know that it was with much thought before I’ve decided to go to an orthodontist and you ascertained that my decision was right. The experience was indescribable, the result was way beyond my expectations. I am truly impressed with your ortho skills and the wonders those little metal brackets, wires and ligatures could do to my teeth. Your attentiveness and professionalism was remarkable!
I have severe phobia visiting dental since I was a kid thus have been dentist hopping for the past twenty years to numerous of different dental clinic.

Five years back I am truly fortunate enough to meet Dr Sharon Lee, an attentive & compassionate dental angel that I had ever come across in my entire dentist hopping journey.

Dental session with her is just like a worries free ride where your tooth & gum is well pampered under her and you get to indulge with every attention, comfort and care. Anxiety & Pain seem to be disappeared from your mind when you are on her dental chair.

In the past five years, service rendered by her is very consistent. She would constantly keep track of your comfort level throughout your dental experience in her dental ward. She is confident and quick in her execution, every single action that may trigger your sense of pain is well pre-warn by her before she executes, no matter how tiny the impact would be. These minor thoughtful actions really put my mind at ease with the dental phobia I had.

I am a person who judges or jump into conclusion at the very beginning, that’s why I only choose to write this review after five years of great dental experience with Dr Sharon Lee. Especially with the numerous experience that I have met with different dentist throughout my dental hopping journey in the past twenty years. There are dentists who is not consistent in their attitude & service provided by them whereby you only get to experience great service in the first few visit and others who only want to get their job done quick and get your money into their pockets fast.

Dentist’s Character & attitude towards their patient is definitely the most valuable assets that they possessed which I hardly came across with any other dentist that could be anywhere near like Dr Sharon Lee who is really passionate on her role and willing to work beyond her patient expectation and care.

I have rarely write any online review in my entire life. But I hope this personal review would serve as an encouragement to Dr Sharon Lee to continue to excel in her role. I always believe good individual & service are meant to be compliment & recommend. It is an approach to a better world!
Charles Lim
She's definitely the most professional and informative Dentist I ever met so far. Exacted my wisdom teeth by her professional skill and friendly service. She made me feel relax and comfortable when doing the surgery. She is awesome and nice! Excellent experience and highly recommended.
Mo On
Excellent service, manage to make urgent appointment with Doctor Sharon. I'm was afraid of road canal, luckily her professional and experience advise to safe my broken tooth. After hours of patient I manage to get over it, more efficiently I didn't feel any pain. Honestly I really hate to see Dentist, this painless will makes me to another confident level to visit Dr Sharon again. Thanks you Dr Sharon, my family's also likes your service.
Sebasation Lim